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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

(A2) Metric Units of Length

Grades: 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Hands-on Activity 1. Observe the tools. Notice the lines and units labeled on the ruler and meter stick. 2. Click add to open the template. 3. Slides 1-4: Use your camera to take photos of their personal reference model for a meter, a decimeter, a centimeter, and a millimeter. A tool must be used in each photo in order to see the real size. 4. Slides 1-4: Follow the directions on each slide to find an object about the same size as the unit, smaller than the unit, and larger than the unit. 5. Slides 1-4: Record an explanation on each slide using the required content and vocabulary words. 6. Slide 5: Classify the personal reference pictures. Once you have classified all the pictures, click check work. Make corrections as needed. 7. Slide 6: Record the purpose of the activity. 8. Click the green check to save. 9. Tag your partner. Required Content/photo o Personal reference and explanation of meter, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter o Comparison photos of each unit o All of the questions correctly answered o All of the objects correctly classified o purpose of activity/what you learned Required Vocabulary o Metric System o Tool o Unit o Ruler o Length o Measure o Meter Stick