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Sandra Divnick

Introducing Seesaw! (Lower Elementary)

Grades: 1st Grade, Pre-K, Kindergarten
Subjects: Home Learning, Digital Citizenship

Student Instructions

πŸ›‘ Review the video before beginning this activity πŸ›‘ pages ➊ "Sort & Selfie" 1. Select the hand move tool. ⋆ Move each orange card to its column. ⋆ Music symbols go on the left, instruments go on the right. 2. Tap the camera photo and then select video video ⋆ Make a 5-second video saying "Hi, my name is _____." ⋆ Using the hand move tool, place the video in the frame. pages βž‹ "Drawing" 1. Tap the pen pen and select your favorite color.🎨 2. Draw a picture πŸ–ΌοΈ of your family. 3. Click the microphone, wait for the 3-2-1-GO, and tell us who you drew. 4. Tap the green check mark check to save your recording. pages ➌ "Shapes & Sizes" 1. Tap the 3 dots 3dots. 2. Select "shapes" shapes, and find the best block to build your own banjo. ⋆ Grab as many shapes as you need. pages ➍ "All Done!" 1. Say goodbye to Little Seesaw! πŸ–πŸΌ 2. Click on the small green check mark check to submit your work.