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Melissa McDonald

Measurement STEM Challenge

Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
Subjects: Math, STEAM

Student Instructions

**You are going to be building 3 separate items and you DO NOT have to build them all today. 2 rules for this challenge: 1. Your 3 objects can NOT be built from the same materials. You have to use different materials for each object. (For example, you cannot build all 3 items out of legos. If you use legos for 1 object, the other 2 objects need to be made with 2 different materials.) 2. You have to actually build something (For example, you can't just get a shoe box and say you built that. You can build/make/create something using a shoe box and other paper/cardboard, but the shoe box by itself cannot be what you 'built' because you didn't build the shoe box.) Some building material ideas could be legos, brick blocks, paper/cardboard, wooden blocks, lincoln logs, tinker toys, etc. The possibilities are endless! You are going to compare the items you build to other items you have in your house. This activity can be turned in when you get all 3 of your objects built. 1. Build 1 item you want to measure the length of. 2. Build 1 item you want to measure the weight of. 3. Build 1 item you want to measure the capacity of. 4. Go around your house and get 1 item you can measure the length of, 1 object you can measure the weight of and 1 object you can measure the capacity of. 5. pen Draw or photo take a picture of the length item you found and the length item you built. 6. pen Label the object you made for length and the object you found for length. 7. Compare the length of the object you built and the length of the object you found. 8. mic Tell me about the object you made for length (what you made, what materials you used, etc.) and use your new measurement words (longer and shorter) to describe the length of both objects. 9. Push pause and go to page 2 and repeat for weight. 10. Go to page 3 and repeat for capacity. 11. check check: to turn it in.