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TORTA SANDWICH = sample ACCESS proficiency 3.5 speaking Specific content-related vocabulary (i.e. special big words) = at least EIGHT (8) 1. torta Mexican sandwich 2. milanesa = breaded steak 3. al pastor = pork 4. mayonnaise 5. Telera bread 6. crisp, fresh vegetables 7. Cubana = 3 types of meat (jambon/ham), egg 8. refried beans Topic sentence starter: My topic I'd like to present is how my favorite Mexican food is the torta. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant, I always love ordering a torta, which is a Mexican sandwich. Describe detail #1: The primary point of interest about _a torta_ is the bread. Explain detail #1: It comes on a huge round thick bread called telera that's sliced in half. It's not like an American bun from McDonald's. It is more like fresh bread from a bakery. You can smell the yeast and feel the soft warmth. It is almost always super fresh, like it came right out of the oven! Describe detail #2: A secondary interesting aspect about _a torta_ is the meat. Explain detail #2: My favorite meat for a torta is milanesa, which is breaded steak. It's a flat piece of beef that is deep fried and has breading around it like fried chicken, but not as crispy. You can also get al pastor, which is very soft pork, which is pig meat. If you like meat, you can get the torta cubana. It has THREE types of meat usually, like milanesa, al pastor, and jambon, which is ham. I've even had one with an egg included! It's so big that it's hard to bite because it's so thick. Describe detail #3: One final key detail about _a torta_ is the toppings. Explain detail #3: I love ordering the torta because of the crisp, fresh vegetables. I usually get a torta full of delicious shredded lettuce that adds crunch while the tomato is cold and juicy. I don't usually like mayonnaise, but sometimes it's nice. Plus, sometimes tortas come with refried beans also inside. It's like getting a plate full of food all wrapped up in bread! Concluding sentence: In summary, _the Mexican sandwich called torta_ is noteworthy and interesting due to _its warm, fragrant bread, its tons of meat, and its fresh and delicious toppings_. You should definitely order one if you've never tried one next time you go to an authentic Mexican restaurant!

Victor Cheng

Talk for at least 1 minute on any subject

Grades: 8th Grade, 10th Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts, Language Development

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