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Richard Poulin

Creating Instructions That Provide Clarity and Motivation (Activity for Educators)

Grades: Other
Subjects: English Language Arts, Multilingual Learners

Student Instructions

** This activity is for EDUCATORS ONLY. ** ** Do not assign this activity to your students. ** I'm Richard, an international teacher who has used Seesaw since 2016. I used Seesaw with early years to high school students and helped schools in Thailand, China, and Singapore to launch this amazing learning tool. Using Seesaw Activities, provide your students clear and immersive instructions. Continue to provide detailed instructions with key academic vocabulary. However, enhance it with a checklist that uses icons and audio instructions. In addition, you can include examples from the teacher or other students that demonstrate expectations. Regardless of the activity or where the learning is happening, Seesaw integrates and enhances the learning. Document, assess, and share the learning. Watch my example to learn more. STEP 1: View other Seesaw seesaw activities STEP 2: Add plus your own activity or adapt from the community activities STEP 3: Use the microphone mic to enhance your instructions STEP 4: Watch the student likes like and comments comment roll in

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

Look at the Seesaw Activities portals to learn more about how you can enhance classroom activities with clear instructions and examples that will motivate your students. Any activity can benefit from adding in Seesaw: * Art To Story (Google Doc): https://app.seesaw.me/pages/shared_activity?share_token=U4msYgvASPKB_rjjtjnGrQ&prompt_id=prompt.de9014e1-3b32-4db1-a1cb-3b1f3d60a357 * PE (Outdoor Activity): https://app.seesaw.me/pages/shared_activity?share_token=E1asVcctS4uSdgMxmhgXFg&prompt_id=prompt.d4db9586-0b32-483e-b35a-fc71415dbbc0 * Identity (Website): https://app.seesaw.me/pages/shared_activity?share_token=VvAVq3F_S36KzHR8UeeDaw&prompt_id=prompt.cbd557de-626b-44ab-902a-c88d1dd03e77 * Maps (Research): https://app.seesaw.me/pages/shared_activity?share_token=FXiDo7uXTVKn_BgAgeHksg&prompt_id=prompt.8990c83a-349a-41eb-a85d-b85baf9ee4d2