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Joseph Lilburne

Student Instructions

Throwing skills

You are going to use the key components of throwing to help you to hit a target. Remember the skills from videos you have seen on throwing ( https://safeYouTube.net/w/Qob9 ) or ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mdyMVezRGc ) or for students onsite Performance Criteria 1. Eyes are focused on the target throughout the throw 2. Stand side-on to the target 3. Throwing arm nearly straightened behind the body 4. Step towards the target with foot opposite throwing arm during the throw 5. Marked sequential hip to shoulder rotation during the throw 6. Throwing arm follows through down and across the body You will need an open space, one or more tennis balls, 3 cones (or markers) and a towel (or more cones). Step 1. set a marker to throw from. Use a three step run up (or stand still) to throw as far as you can . Have three attempts and mark the best one. Collect your own throws- this is your warm up. Step 2. WITH YOUR OPPOSITE HAND throw as far as you can from the same start point. This might feel weird, but concentrate on the technique you use for your master hand. Have three (or more) attempts and mark the best one. Step 3. Place your target half way between your two markers. To find half way you can count the number of steps between the markers , Say its 25, and then work out half. 12 or 13 steps away from both markers. Lay your towel down (or set up 4 cones) at this halfway point. Step 4. Spend 10-15 minutes throwing at the target with your master hand. You shouldn't need full power in the throw, concentrate on doing the key skills each time. Make a record of how many hits and misses you get. Step 5. Reflect on your throwing technique. Share what you achieved in the student responses. It could be a video, It could be measurements of the markers, it could be a reflection about how your technique is different to the videos you have seen. You could nominate which thrower from the video is most like you.

5th Grade, 4th Grade, 6th Grade, Home Learning, Physical Education
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Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

Hi STUDENTS, Today I want you to get some throwing practice in. Read the steps and look at the diagram to set up your space. If you want to see an example of good throwing, check out the youtube link or get straight into it. You will get to throw as hard as you can, and a bit of throwing with your other hand too! But the most important part of today is making sure you are consistently throwing well when it comes to hitting the target. Think about how you- Look at the target, stand correctly, start your overarm action high up and well behind you. Transfer your weight from back foot to front foot as you throw, use hip rotation and your shoulders to add power and finally follow through by bringing your arm across your body. Have fun- hit that target! If you can record your throwing that would be awesome, otherwise let me know something about what you tried, how you went or any questions.