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Julie Porter

Mixed Multiplication and Division WORD PROBLEMS

Grades: 5th Grade
Subjects: Math

Student Instructions

1. add 2. For each slide you complete, decide whether the problem is MULTIPLICATION or DIVISION. drawing Circle the correct operation. 3. Establish an ESTIMATE for your product (x) or quotient (÷). Add it to the label. 4. Solve the actual answer by using whatever strategy you are comfortable with. 5. rec a brief reflection of how you knew the problem was multiplication or division. * You should complete a minimum of FIVE (5) slides. You may delete the others. 6. check

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

goody bags/candy - MULTIPLICATION estimate: 30x12 = 360, actual answer: 27x12=324 Mr. Coupe/paddle balls - DIVISION estimate: 2800÷40=70, actual answer: 2,798÷40=69 19/20 golf ball dimples - MULTIPLICATION estimate 400x25=10,000, actual answer 366x27=9,882 trip to Alaska - MULTIPLICATION estimate 60x800=$48,000, actual answer 59x799=$47,141 pasta dinner - DIVISION estimate 1500÷30=50, actual answer 1,500÷32=46 7/8 pencils - MULTIPLICATION estimate 70x12=840, actual answer 67x12=804 NCCS students - DIVISION estimate 600÷4=150, actual answer 618÷4=154.5 Fred/Jason's book - MULTIPLICATION estimate 100x6=600, actual answer 96x6=576 Peyton Manning - MULTIPLICATION estimate 300x20=6,000, actual answer 342x16=5,472 Brad Pitt - MULTIPLICATION estimate 20x5=100, actual answer $19x5=$95 (million) Derek Jeter - DIVISION estimate 1400÷70=20, actual answer 1,311÷20 = 65 11/20 Chef Carlos - MULTIPLICATION estimate 400x8=3,200, actual answer 418x8=3,344