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BELL WORK QUESTION: How do you think removing all wolves from a forest would change the forest environment? While watching the video, answer the following questions. 1. What was the first impact of the wolves on the environment? 2. How did the deer avoided being hunted by the wolves? 3. What happened to the vegetation in the areas the deer now avoided? 4. What animals returned to the forest after the trees started to re-grow? 5. Beavers also returned because they now had __________ to eat. 6. The dams the beavers built attracted these animals: 7. The wolves killed coyotes. How did that make hawks, weasels, foxes, and badgers come back to live in Yellowstone? 8. What attracted ravens and eagles to return to the forest? 9. How did the wolves change the rivers in Yellowstone?

Moreno, Maria

Bell Work How Wolves Change Rivers

Grades: 8th Grade, 7th Grade, 6th Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Answer the bell work question first. Then watch the video How Wolves Change Rivers @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q with your class and answer the rest of the questions.