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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

(A1) Measuring Tools πŸ“πŸŒ‘βš–οΈ

Grades: 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

A tool is an object or device used to perform a task. Scientists use many different kinds of tools to gather information, collect data, and measure objects. A thermometer is a tool for measuring temperature. A graduated cylinder is a tool for measuring volume. A balance scale is a tool for measuring mass. A ruler is a tool for measuring length. In this activity, you are going to observe the tools. Observing means paying close attention to something using the five senses. A unit is a fixed quantity used as a standard of measure. Each tool has a different unit. Hands-on Activity 1. Complete (L1) Learning Sequence 1. 2. Spread the measurement cards on the table. 3. Classify the tools into 4 groups. Each group will have 6 cards. 4. When you are finished, raise your hand for approval. 5. Use your camera to take a picture of each group of cards (volume, mass, temperature, and length) . Crop each photo. 6. Go to Seesaw and open (A1) Measuring Tools. 7. Click add response to open the template. 8. Upload the photo of the volume cards to slide 1, the photo of mass cards to slide 2, the photo of the length cards to slide 3, and the photo of the temperature cards to slide 4. 9. Observe the real tools at the table. Take a photo of the tool to measure volume on slide 1, the tool to measure mass on slide 2, the tool to measure length on slide 3, and the tool to measure temperature on slide 4. 10. Record on each slide using the required content and vocabulary words. Your recording for each slide should not exceed 30 seconds. 11. Include the purpose of the activity. 12. Click the green check to save. 13. Tag your group. Required Content o Photos of the tools and cards o Explanation of the activity o Purpose of the activity/what you learned Required Vocabulary o Classify o Tool o Measure o Metric System o Volume o Graduated Cylinder o Mass o Triple Beam Balance o Temperature o Thermometer o Length o Ruler o Unit