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From "The Sea-God's One Eyed Son" (Ch. 2, PDF p. 19) The Cyclops drove his sheep into the cave, rolled a boulder across the entrance to seal it, then revived the fire smouldering in the centre of the cave. As it flared up, it lit the oval staring faces of the astounded Greeks. The single eye gleamed as it fixed on each man in turn, and the Cyclops grinned. ‘Hello, peoplings. Aren’t you little?’ ‘Indeed, indeed. Poor miserable specimens come to admire the famous race of one-eyed giants,’ said Odysseus (who was not just a hero and a king, but a diplomat). The Cyclops had difficulty in hearing the small, piping voice. He cleaned one ear with his finger. ‘Mmm. Two eyes. Almost repulsive. But I won’t let it put me off. Me, Polyphemus, I’ll try anything once.’ Reaching out, he picked up the fattest member of the crew and crammed him into that cavernous mouth. It happened so fast. There was no scream, no shout of protest. When the second man was taken, the Greeks set up a clamour which shook the cliff, racing from side to side of the cave and beating with their fists on the rock. ‘Sir!’ cried Odysseus, struggling to keep the terror out of his voice. ‘Where did you learn your manners? From the scum of Troy? Everyone knows that the gods frown on the man who shows unkindness to his guests!’ EXAMPLE #1 written from the FIRST PERSON POV of Cyclops SCORE OF 3: I rolled aside my giant door when I saw the little men walking up the side of my mountain. I crept into the shadows of my cave waiting for the little morsels to come inside as my belly rumbled. I waited until the men came running into the cavern. I saw them start to eat my food. I skirted around the cave wall and closed the giant stone slab so that nobody could escape. I reached out into the little group of snacks and grabbed two. I didn't want to spoil my dinner. I ate the two men who were still alive and writhing. I watched with my one giant eyeball as the terrified prey shook in fear. EXAMPLE #2 written from the FIRST PERSON POV of Cyclops: SCORE OF 4: When I rolled aside my giant door, I saw little men already in my cave. My belly rumbling, I assumed they came to sacrifice themselves to me. After all, my father is a god. The leader man told me they came for such a reason, so I reached out into the unsuspecting group of snacks and grabbed a big one. (After all, I didn't want to spoil my dinner). That one was tasty, though, so I grabbed another and all of the snacks starting to scream and run away. Their leader, though he didn't run, accused me of not knowing manners.

Rachel West

Odyssey: Point of View Formative

Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

I have attached a scene from Chapter 1 of The Odyssey. You will rewrite the scene to be from a different point of view. Currently, the point of view is Third Person Omniscient. I would like you to change it to First Person. I have also included an example scene written from Odysseus' point of view, and the same scene rewritten from the Cyclops' perspective; it is a different part of the story entirely. The first paragraph would achieve a score of 3, and the second demonstrates how to improve the first and make it a score of 4. You do not have to do two different types. I did this so you can see each score point. 1. Click add 2. Click note 3. Type your version up. 4. Click check to submit.