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Chris Reyes (Seesaw)

What are you Singing?

Grades: 9th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
Subjects: Music

Student Instructions

Choose a song you like with lyrics. drawing what the lyrics connote. (What meaning they imply or emotions they try to evoke). mic yourself describing what the lyrics denote. (What the lyrics are literally saying). Use the caption to add the song title and artist in the caption.

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

After completing the activity, have students walk around and explain their song to each other. Some individual reflection questions could include: 1) Does the connotation match the denotation? 1a) If not, what elements of the music contribute to the connotation but not the denotation? 1b) If so, what elements of the music reinforce the lyrical themes? 2) Are there music videos for this song? If so, do the artists portray the connotation, denotation, both, or neither? Why do you think the artist chose this portrayal? Some group reflection questions could include: 1) How many songs had similar denotations to connotations? Why do you think an artist might choose to have similar connotations and denotations? 2) Similarly, how many songs connoted something different than what they denoted? What are some reasons an artist might choose to make these different? 3) What techniques did artists use to make their connotations clear when they differed from the denotation of the lyrics?