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Jan Franz

Oregon Zoo: Meet The African Spurred Tortoise, Dozer

Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Kindergarten
Subjects: Science, Writing, Social Studies

Student Instructions

1 Click the picture on the left for the link to the video 2 Tap : View Original 3 Click add to load your template and color the picture. 4 Use the label tool or to answer the questions about the video you watched. ****Fun Facts ** Tortoises have a heavy, dome-shaped carapace (top shell) that protects them from predators. African spurred tortoises like Dozer get huge, but when they first hatch they can fit in your palm! *********Funtivities *********** You can make a baby tortoise friend at home. Cut up an egg carton and use one of the cups as a shell. Cut a piece of paper or cardboard to make a head and little arms and legs. You can attach them with tape, glue or staples. Decorate your little friend, give it a name and share a picture with us on Facebook! Having a pet tortoise may be a fun idea, but they can grow extremely large and can live to be 150 years old! A tortoise can also be difficult to re-home if you decide you can no longer care for it. When choosing any pet, do your research and be sure you can care for all of its life long needs. Activity: Tortoise hide and seek To keep cool and hide from predators, African spurred tortoises dig burrows that are ten feet deep! Pretend you're a tortoise and play a game of tortoise hide and seek! Time how long it takes to find the other tortoise. See if you can improve on this time and discover an even better 'burrow' to hide in. 💕You can help wild tortoises by avoiding products made from real tortoiseshell, such as barrettes, brushes, ornaments or jewelry. Learn more about which wildlife products to avoid on the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance Buy Informed website.