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Understanding the Periodic Table ____________ are simple substances that cannot be broken down. Simple substances called elements make up the ____________________________. The periodic table is made of ________________ known elements. Elements can combine to form more complex substances such as ____________, _____________, or ______________. All substances are made of _____________________. Elements come in all forms of matter (_______________, ______________, _____________) and can change depending on melting and boiling points. Some substances are made of only ____________ element. For example, an iron nail or aluminum foil. Other substances are made of _____________________________ element such a as salt, water, sugar, and brass. Circle the following substances that are elements? water oxygen iron salt nitrogen mercury sugar carbon wood boron Circle the element that is a silver color liquid is: hydrogen mercury silver carbon Circle the element that is an invisible gas: gold copper iron oxygen ________________________________________ is one of the first scientists to organize the periodic table of elements.

Jena Simms

SCIENCE- Understanding the Periodic Table of Elements

Grades: 4th Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

1. Tap the add 2. Read the sentences and use the label to write in the correct word to complete each sentence or use the pen to circle the correct answers. 3. Tap the check to upload.

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

Answers: elements periodic table 118 elements solid, liquid, gas one more than one oxygen, iron, nitrogen, mercury, carbon, boron silver oxygen Dimitri Mendeleev