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Tony Clarke

VR🤖 VEX CODING CHALLENGES > Coral🐠 Reef Clean-up 🚯

Grades: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Subjects: Home Learning, Coding, Social Studies

Student Instructions

👀🗣 In the Coral Reef Cleanup activity, students will code the VR Ocean Cleaning Robot in an immersive underwater Playground to collect and remove as much trash as possible from the floor of the Mangrove Reef. Since the VR Robot is equipped with batteries that will only last for a few minutes, students will be challenged to collect as much trash as they can, before the batteries on the VR Robot are drained. During the robot's operation, it will keep track of the weight of the trash it collects, and display that on the screen, so students can see their progress in real time. As the VR Robot collects trash, more trash will randomly fall into the Coral Reef. The Coral Reef Cleanup activity will end after the VR Robot’s battery is empty or the robot is manually stopped. After the VR Robot’s battery is empty or the robot is stopped, the total weight of trash collected will be displayed. Encourage students to try again to improve their project and collect more trash! 🤖🔰 To get started Go to the seesaw activity and tap on add response. On the first attempt page, tap👉 on the link🔗. 👀📺 Watch the Coral reef Cleanup Mission Briefing. Go down the page an Read(⌐■_■) Why your mission is important! Then you are ready to start the Challenge. Choose a level to start. When you are on the Coding Deck, go to the select Playground and choose Coral Reef Clean-up. Push the play button ▶ to see how the code operate. Remember the goal is to collect as much trash (heaviest) as possible ,before your battery power runs out. When you have completed your run, take a screenshot or snip your score and post it to your page. Then tap👉 try again🔁. Before you tap the play button▶ examine your code and try adjusting the drivetrain code blocks to improve your results. Then on page #4 create a digital response showing what you have learnt /researched about Ocean pollution and what technologies are being used currently or future ideas to reduce/battle the problem. When complete check

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

This activity can be a one off, or combined with my other Vex IQ coding activities. Each activity has links for Teachers to familiarise themselves with the activity and the Vex coding activity. I have included the links provided by Vex to their Educator pages for more teaching resources and links.