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Sarah Cook

Force - what do you know?

Grades: 5th Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Across 2. Scientifically, _________ is measured in kilograms and weight is measured in newtons. 3. All surfaces create ____________ on an object moving across them. 6. Friction ___________ moving objects down. 7. Galileo Galilei conducted an experiment to prove that all objects fall at the ___________ rate, no matter what their mass is. 8. _______________ is a pulling force exerted by the Earth. 9. When two gears are connected, they always turn in _____________ directions to one another. 11. When the forces acting on an object are ________________ it will maintain its state of motion. Down 1. A lever can be used to make a smaller ____________ lift a larger load. 2. Air pushes against any object ______________ through it. 4. Aeroplanes are streamlined so they do not experience much air _________________. 5. Isaac _______________ discovered more about gravity. 10. Objects that do not experience much air or water resistance are called ___________________.