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Natalie Manosar

Slope discovery

Grades: 9th Grade, 8th Grade, 10th Grade
Subjects: Math

Student Instructions

On slides 1-3, use the pen, pencil or shapes tools to plot the given points on the coordinate plane. Answer the questions and identify the rate of change of the pattern shown in the table. Record your work and answer using the pen, pencil and/or label tools. On slide 4, identify the Δy and Δx shown on the graph. Use the pen, pencil and/or label tools to record your work. To answer questions 2 and 4, use the move tool to drag the red circle onto the correct answer. Record your answer to question 5 using the mic tool. On slide 5, complete practice problems 1 and 2 using the pen, pencil, and/or label tools. Use the move tool to rearrange the graphs and tables shown in problem 3 from least to greatest. Explain why you placed them in this order using the mic tool. On slide 6, analyze the given pattern and respond to the question using the tool of your choice. **Hint: Try putting the given points into a table of values or plotting them on a graph to analyze the pattern.

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

This lesson is designed to help students make a conceptual connection between the 7th grade concept of slope as "rise over run" with the 8th grade concept of rate of change. It is intended to be used as a follow up to a lesson on rate of change. Students will need the following previous knowledge: *Plotting points on a coordinate plane *Analyze patterns in a table of values *Calculate the rate of change from a table of values; either from a pattern or using the slope formula.