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Rosalynd Zalewski

Insects in our Community Exploration 🐞 πŸ•· 🐜

Grades: 2nd Grade, 1st Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Have you spotted some insects living in your community? 🐞 πŸ•· 🐜 Let's go outside to find some insects outside. 1. Tap add 2. Tap photo and take a photo of an insect you have found living near your home. You may also app smash to use several photos. (PicCollage, Shadow Puppet, iMovie, Canva, Clips or any other of your choice. 3. Tap mic to record what you have found and why you think that insect is living there. What do you think they like about that place? 4. Tap check when done to submit your activity to your journal. Have fun!