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Ms. Peppers

Caring for Earth: Recycling

Grades: PK-TK, Kindergarten
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Recycling is one way to care for Earth. When we recycle some of our garbage, that means those objects can be made into something new. We can recycle things made of plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Some of our other trash can be used in compost. Our food scraps and yard waste can be made into fertilizer to help plants grow. This is called composting. There's always some garbage that can't be recycled or used in compost - this is the garbage we put into our trash bins. Whenever you're helping with garbage at home, you can help Earth by sorting garbage into recycling, organics or compost, and trash bins. We use blue bins for recycling, green bins for our organics waste, and brown bins for our trash. In this activity, you're going to practice caring for Earth by sorting some garbage into the right groups. Tap add . On page 1, tap the link to review how we decide where our garbage should go. On page 2, tap play ▶ to learn more about items we can place in our blue and green bins. On page 3, it's your turn to sort. Look at the garbage items and use move to sort them into the correct bins. Tap the check when you're finished.