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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

Student Instructions

(A7) Make a Magnet

Magnets are made of iron, nickel, steel, or cobalt. You can make a temporary magnet out of a magnetic object by rubbing it with a permanent magnet. The domains in magnetic objects are not aligned. The domains all point in different directions. Magnetic domains are regions in which the magnetic fields of atoms are grouped together and aligned. When you rub a magnet on a paperclip in the same direction, the domains become aligned and all point in the same direction. When the domains are aligned or pointed in the same direction, the magnetic object becomes a temporary magnet. Temporary magnets can be demagnetized by being dropped or hit. Demagnetize means to make the magnetic field weaker. When you demagnetize an object, the domains are not aligned. The domains all point in different directions. Hands-on Activity 1. Hold a paperclip in your hand. A paperclip is magnetic. The domains of the paperclip are not aligned. 2. Rub the paper clip with a magnet 25 times. Only rub in one direction. 3. Test the paper clip by trying to pick up (attract) staples. 4. Continue to rub the paperclip (in one direction) until the paperclip is a temporary magnet. Take a picture of the paperclip magnet holding a staple. When the paperclip becomes a temporary magnet, the domains are aligned. 5. Drop the paperclip magnet until it is demagnetized. 6. Watch the Bill Nye video clip about magnetic domains. Required Content o How do you make a temporary magnet? (video of paperclip becoming a temporary magnet) o What does the paperclip become? (video of paperclip temporary magnet attract a staple) o How does a magnetic object become a temporary magnet? (picture of magnetic domains) o What happens when you drop the temporary magnet on the table? (video of the paperclip not attracting the staple) o Purpose of the activity/what you learned Required Vocabulary Words o Permanent Magnet o Magnetic (iron) o Temporary Magnet o Demagnetize o Attract o Magnetic Domains

3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 4th Grade, Science, STEAM
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