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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

(A5) Levitate and Defy Gravity

Grades: 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Subjects: STEAM, Science

Student Instructions

Hands-on Investigation 1. Slide 1: Play with the Floating Magnets toy. How do magnets defy gravity? Do magnets levitate with like poles repelling or unlike poles attracting? Is the force a push or a pull? Take a photo. Label the photo (like or unlike poles, attract or repel, and push or pull). Take a video of you adding a magnet that levitates. Record a 20-second explanation in the caption. 2. Slide 2: Tape the string to the table. Make the paperclip levitate and defy gravity. Investigate where the paperclip has to be in order for it to levitate. How does the paperclip defy gravity? Is the paperclip attracting or repelling? Is the force a push or a pull? Take a photo. Label the photo. Take a video of you making the paperclip levitate. Record a 20-second explanation in the caption. 3. Slide 3: Record the purpose of the activity. Required Content o How do magnets levitate? (labeled photo of magnets levitating) o Is the force a push or a pull? (video of the force as you add a magnet to the pole) o How does the paperclip levitate? (labeled photo of the paperclip levitating) o Is the force a push or a pull? (video of the force as you move the paperclip to the magnet) o Purpose of the activity/what you learned Required Vocabulary o Magnets o Poles o Repel o Attract o Push o Pull o Like or Unlike o Force o Levitate o Defy Gravity o Investigate o Magnetic Attraction o Evidence

Teacher Notes (not visible to students)

Materials: Floating Magnets (see link below), a water bottle, two magnets, paperclip, string, and tape Introducing the Activity: The multimedia video can be used by students (independent activity or station) or by teachers. Teachers can delete the video on the first slide and then use the slides to present to the class. Teaching Tips: 1. Divide students into pairs or groups of three. 2. Fill the water bottle(s) 1/2 way with sand. Put one magnet inside of the bottle and one magnet outside of the bottle. Tie string to a paperclip. I use strong neodymium on the water bottle. 3. Magnets are highly engaging. Allow students to play with the magnets for 5 minutes before the activity. Floating Magnets - https://www.amazon.com/United-Scientific-Supplies-CMSET6-Floating/dp/B005GLDPCI/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2U6SIJHW85MKB&keywords=floating+magnets&qid=1686244539&sprefix=floating+magnets%2Caps%2C125&sr=8-2