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Why I Am On Santa's Naughty List "What are you kidding!" I yelled at my sister as she sprinted through the house. I couldn't believe she had taken my very favorite book and ripped the page. "Get away from me!" My sister shouted as she ran to the other room. I knew right there and then we might be in trouble. First, we were never allowed to run in the house. Second, yelling inside was a definite not allowed thing. Unfortunately, neither of us really thought about that. We were to involved in this all out war and if you asked me, it was definitely her fault. Minutes later as she raced to the end of the hall, I saw what I thought would be my last chance. I quickly shouted, "I see mom coming." I really didn't, but I thought that would make her give my ruined book back. Then I could tell on her and she would be grounded. Of course, it ended up being the worst idea I had ever had. She lifted her arm, like she was a quarterback or something. "Oh no, is she really going to do it?" I thought, "Please don't let her throw that book God!" I prayed. Just then the book was airborne and headed right toward me, or at least I thought it was headed toward me. I ducked and heard a "CRASH!"...The book had found an object to stop its flight. On the floor lay my mom's most favorite vase. We were in real trouble now. My mom did not have a lot of precious things and this vase was definitely one of her very favorite. "Now look what you have done!" I shouted. "It is all your fault!" Although I knew it was partly mine, too. How could I every own up to this? Debbi was the trouble maker and remember she started it all, right? "We can fix this! Run get the super glue." Deb said. As I sprinted to the place mom always stored the glue, I wondered just what she had in mind. Could we really make this work and would mom not notice we had ruined her precious vase. When I returned, I saw Deb putting the vase pieces in order like a puzzle. Her idea...we would glue it back together like new. "Sit down, you have to put it together because you are better at puzzles than me!" She said. I was supposed to be the smart sister, but she was solving the crisis almost on her own. After hours of work, we finally had it together. Would it work? That was the question on both of our minds. It definitely was not perfect. In fact, it wasn't even close if you looked really hard at it, but maybe...we ran to the basement and pretended to be busy when mom entered the house. "Girls, what happened to my vase!" Mom scolded us in her stern mom voice. This is why I ended up on the naughty list one year when I was little! I definitely don't want to end up there again!

Tammi Kantola

Student Instructions

Why I Am on Santa's List

1. Create a Note 2. Type the title (Why I am on the Naughty List) or (Why I am on the Nice List) 3. Type your personal narrative. Remember to start with a lead (look at the lead board if you have forgotten what they are), add talking, add transition words, have a closing to end your story. 4, You can record to read your story if you would like. 5. Send it to Seesaw by checking the green check mark at the top of your page.

3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 4th Grade, Writing
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