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Mrs. Haase

WIN Main Idea/Supporting Details 2

Grades: 3rd Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

When we are talking about a nonfiction, or expository piece, this is text written with information about a specific topic. Therefore we say the author's purpose in writing a nonfiction piece is to INFORM, or teach the reader about something. A nonfiction text has a topic which we can sum up using one word...for example pencils. Now within the topic pencils, I could teach a number of things like different types of pencils, where to buy pencils, features of a pencil, what I can use a pencil for, etc. Whatever I want to teach my reader specifically about my topic pencils would be called my main idea. Let's say I want to teach my reader about the different types of pencils. I could tell you pencils come in mechanical form, there are colored pencils which act kind of like crayons, I could tell you about graphite pencils which are the most common pencils used in art and writing. These would be called supporting details because they all fit my main idea which in this case is types of pencils. DIRECTIONS: 1. On pages 1-4, you are given the one-word topic as well as the supporting details. Read over the information for each page and decide what ALL (not just some) of these details have in common. That is your main idea. HINT: It should have something to do with the topic which is given to you already. 2. Use the label feature to write in the main idea IN A SENTENCE for each graphic organizer on pages 1-4. 3. Then on page 5, you are given the topic and main idea. Your job is to com up with three details that support the main idea that was given to you. 4. Look over your work and press the check when you have finished.