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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

Student Instructions

(A2) Like Poles

Magnets can attract and repel other magnets. Observe the magnet at your table. Each end of a magnet is called a pole. There is a north pole, labeled N, and a south pole, labeled S. North and North (N and N) poles are like poles. South and South (S and S) poles are like poles. Like means same poles. The poles have different forces. If you put the ends of the poles of two magnets close to each other the magnets will either push away (repel) from each other or pull toward (attract) each other. Hands-on Activity 1. Play with the two bar magnets. 2. Put the N and N poles together. What happens? Do they attract or repel? 3. Put the S and S poles together. What happens? Do they attract or repel? Required Content o What is a pole? (picture of a bar magnet with the N and S poles circled/labeled) o What are like poles? (labeled picture of two bar magnets with like poles) o What happens? (picture of results with arrows pushing to repel or pulling to attract) o 3-5 video clips of like poles (attracting or repelling) o Purpose of the activity/what you learned Required Vocabulary o Magnets o Poles o Attract or Repel o Like o Force o Push or Pull o Observe Shadow Puppet Directions 1. Open Puppet Edu and select Create New. 2. Bring in your photos and video(s). Reorder as needed. Remove the background sound from videos. 3. Click next. Plan your recording before you click on Start. Your video cannot exceed 1 minute. 4. Move though the photos/videos as your record. Include the required content. 5. Stop recording and click Save. Preview your video. Check off the required content as you watch your video. If you did not include the required content, record again. 6. When you are happy with your video, click done. 7. Go to Seesaw Activity #2: Like Poles. Click Add. Select camera roll.

3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 4th Grade, Science
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