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Mrs. Haase

SS: Our Economy

Grades: 3rd Grade
Subjects: Social Studies

Student Instructions

You spent the last two weeks reading about Capital Resources and the Economy. I have included the text in this activity for you to refer back to as needed because this week's activities will be a review from what we have learned so far. DIRECTIONS: 1. Use the move tool to select and sort the emoji symbols into the correct category on page 1. Remember to use the text if you need to remind yourself what capital resources, natural resources, and human resources are. Use the index at the back of the nonfiction text to quickly locate the page to find your information. 2. Page 2 contains many vocabulary words on the left. Your job is to use the pen tool to match the words to their definitions by drawing a line connecting them. Again, use the book if you get stuck. 3. Next on page 3, you will complete the vocabulary 4-square graphic organizer with the meaning of the word scarcity. Hint: Look in the section 'Using Our Resources Carefully' to find a definition of the base word scarce. 4. Finally for page 4, you will be focusing on the importance of donating to charity. If you had $100 to give to a charity, which one would you choose? Use the pen tool to circle your choice.​ Then in the blue and green boxes, you will label give two reasons why you chose to donate to the charity you picked. Make sure you write in complete sentences. 5. Look over your work carefully making sure you you didn't skip anything and have put capital/lowercase letters and punctuation in all the right places. 6. When you have finished, press the check to submit this assignment.