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Kelly Hudson (khudson@steds.org)

🔎 (A4) Measuring Rocks: Volume

Grades: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 3rd Grade
Subjects: Science

Student Instructions

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. The volume of an irregular shaped object can be measured using a graduated cylinder and water. The unit for volume is milliliters. The abbreviation for milliliters is mL. When the rock is dropped into the water, the water level rises by the exact volume of the rock. Using a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of an irregular shaped object is called displacement. 1. Fill the graduated cylinder to 50 mL. Take a photo. Be sure the blue numbers show. 2. Slowly drop the rock into the graduated cylinder. Observe the new water level. 3. Take a photo of your rock in the graduated cylinder. Be sure the numbers show. 4. Use a piece of scrap paper to find the volume of the rock. _______mL - 50 mL = ______ mL. 5. Click add response to open the template. 5. Use the label tool to write the volume of your rock. Include the correct unit. 6. Record mic a summary of this activity. Be sure to use volume, graduated cylinder, and mL. 7. Click the green check save.