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Teachers, save “The Unteachables: C30 (Aldo Braff)” to assign it to your class.

1) What were the results of the science fair? 2) What book is Aldo excited to be reading? 3) Why was Mr. Kermit afraid to drive the Coco Nerd home from the science fair? 4) Who is their substitute teacher? 5) "It goes on and on. We never run out of complaints about how awful and unfair it is. It's the first time I've ever been in a class where everyone is just as mad as I am. And we can't all have anger management issues. Sometimes mad is exactly what you're supposed to be." Write about a time when mad was exactly what you were supposed to be. What caused you to be angry? Did your issue get resolved, or are you still bitter or salty about it?

Jessi Courtright

The Unteachables: C30 (Aldo Braff)

Grades: 8th Grade, 7th Grade, 6th Grade
Subjects: Writing, English Language Arts, Reading

Student Instructions

Type on the note to answer the questions about the chapter.