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A Diary Of A Convict Alexander Luyckx, Grade 4, Hale School Short Story 2012 1787, May 14th After a couple of days at sea, we heard the Captain giving orders. All I did was steal a ribbon worth 0 shillings. We got put on this ship because it costs less money and we can’t escape from Terra Australis. We’re sailing out of the English Channel on the Fishburn, I’m below deck. It’s cold and dusty. I miss my family terribly; my lovely, beautiful wife. There is no fresh air below the deck and you can smell the rotten dirt. The worse things were the weather and the seasickness. You could feel your tummy in knots making your face green, blurting out terrible stuff. The boat is pitching like a Tsunami; everybody is sliding back and forth. Everybody is scared that the boat can’t take it much longer. You can smell is the horrible stench of the spew around the ship, the privy bucket and the salty sea. You hear the hard and wet waves splashing; it feels like you’re being handled by a baby. Your eyes are burning with salty sea water and the ships luggage is going crazy like it’s just had heaps of sugar. You immediately feel dizzy. “Ye can just imagine Terra Australis,” said a convict. “Aye it’s going to be good,” said another convict. You can just imagine the relaxing dirt on your blistered feet. You can’t wait for the sailor in the Crow’s Nest to say “Land Ahoy.” You would be so happy to be off the rotten treacherous ship. You probably could’ve smelled the lovely flowers. All you would be able to hear is the sound of the birds singing there remarkable songs in the sunlight, you would’ve been so happy. Those selfish Marines, I just can’t take it any longer, they’re just so bossy, walking back and forth giving orders, while we’re are below deck in the sloppy mess. Their jackets are also one of the best smelling things. They are red leather with fresh buttons and their suits are like they’re going to a royal party every day. Compared to our convict uniforms, they’re so uncomfortable. The Captain he gets to be on the fresh deck, in the fresh air and the lovely tender food. He gets meat, you can just see the Captain in a nicely dressed uniform, stuffing his mouth with tender meat. We get salted meat and hard biscuit, nearly breaking our teeth every bite. You can just see the Captain soaking his teeth into the delicious and juicy meat. It’s just not fair. I hope that soon I’ll be off this horrendous ship and there will be calm seas ahead of us. There will be no more bossy Marines lashing us with the Cat-o-nine-tails. Seeing the other convicts getting lashed and the metal claws striking through there human flesh, that gives me the shivers. No more horrendous terrible storms and no more scurvy. No toothless people in agonizing pain, I know that one day I will be out of this mess.

Lorraine Macdonald

Student Instructions

Diary of a child convict - seeing through the eyes of another

YOU ARE A CHILD CONVICT Write a letter to your parents or a diary entry that describes your life as a convict child - think about: * the journey to Australia * living conditions * work conditions * access to food * punishment/treatment * reasons (arguments) for you to be returned back to England You must describe life (NOT TELL) - using all the senses - touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. Create a visual for the reader. Choose your vocabulary carefully - this is life in the 1800's NOT 21st century

5th Grade, 4th Grade, 6th Grade, History
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