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Triple Whammy Topic Sentence: I love teaching the students in Room 10 because the students are curious, creative, and improving all the time! The students in Room 10 are very curious! They always want to know more about the interesting things we study in class. They also have lots of great questions about life, the universe, and everything. In fact, we have a "Wonder Board" where students put their questions as they pop up during the week. We answer those questions on Fridays, and we always learn new things together. The students in Room 10 are also very creative. They come up with amazing solutions to problems. They also create and build impressive models, like the models of our National Parks. They even create wonderful digital projects, like slide presentations with cool animations. My students are very creative! Finally, the students in Room 10 are constantly improving. When I teach them a new concept, they practice it and teach each other. They remember what they learn, and they share their new knowledge with their friends and family. It is so exciting to see their brains growing as they connect old ideas to new ideas. All of these things make my job very exciting. I look forward to seeing my students each day, because they are curious, creative, and improving every day. I love my super-improvers class!

Diane Stensrud

Triple Whammy Essay

Grades: 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

The Triple Whammy is a great way to write a topic sentence, or thesis. We start with an opinion statement, then we support our opinion with three different reasons. After getting your Triple Whammy approved by the teacher, continue to write one paragraph to explain each of your three reasons. Finish your essay with a concluding paragraph that reviews your opinion, and the three reasons you gave to support it. Remember, "We've got grit! We don't quit!"