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Elizabeth Cooper

Student Instructions

Animal Adaptations

For this activity, you will choose one animal that is endangered (endangered species 濒危物种). You will spend a lot of time learning more about this organism 生物 in this unit. 1. Choose an endangered species 濒危物种 from https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory?sort=extinction_status&direction=desc 2. Find a clear picture of that animal. Save it to your computer. 3. Upload the photo to Seesaw by clicking on photo then upload 4. Use the pencil to circle 3 features of the organism that help it to survive. 5. Use the label to label each feature of the organism on the picture. 6. Explain how the adaptation helps it to survive. The (animal) uses (part of body) to help it to... (What does it do? How does it help it?) Fur 皮毛 Feathers 羽毛 Scales 鳞 Skin 皮肤 Wings 翅膀 Arms 臂 Legs 腿 Fins 鱼鳍,鳍状物 Flippers 鳍足 Paws 爪 Claws 爪子,(有壳水生动物的) 螯 Teeth 牙齿 Whiskers 胡须 Ears 耳朵 Nose 鼻子 Eyes 眼睛 Jaws 下巴 Beak Soft 软的 Thick 厚的,粗的 Hard 坚硬的 Strong 强壮的 Sensitive 敏感的 Powerful 有力量的 Small 小的 Big 大的 Eat food 吃食物 Tear food apart 撕分食物 Catch food 捕捉食物 Kill 杀 Sneak up 悄悄地 Be quiet 安静地 Hide 隐藏 Dig 挖 Swim 游泳 Run 跑 Blend in 融合 Protect 保护 Defend 防守

7th Grade, Science
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