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Animal’s Tools For Survival Answers located on page 6 of your Animal Adaptations books Animals are classified as ________________, _________________, birds, ___________, and ____________________. ________________________is based on shared _______________________characteristics. For instance, ____________________________, such as snakes, are covered with _______________________. The scales cover the skin and help ______________snakes when they are ______________on rough or hot surfaces. All animals have ______________________ to where they live . They have special body parts that help them ______________________, such as webbed feet, ______________________, large beaks, and long tails.

Rebekah Wright

Animal Adaptations

Grades: 3rd Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

Fill in the missing words using your Animal Adaptations book. Answers can be found on page 6 of your book. Use the typing tool to fill in the blanks with the missing words. Once all blanks have been filled in record yourself reading the paragraph.