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Part 1: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So -- You will use a different one for each sentence. Example: I broke my arm. I fell down the stairs. I broke my arm, for I fell down the stairs. 1. Bob played the guitar. Suzy played the piano. 2. Many people came to the show. Nobody seemed to like it. 3. The pioneers crossed the state in wagons. The travel time was long. 4. James can go to the movie. He can go bowling. 5. Mary cannot play checkers. She cannot play chess. 6. The weather was beautiful. No children were playing at the park. Part 2: Example: The dog ran away because the fence had a hole in it. -- because 1. After Steven finished his homework, he played football with his friends. -- 2. Tim saw the maid when she came through the door. -- 3. While looking through the window, Shelly saw her best friend. -- 4. I must finish my dinner before I can have dessert. -- 5. Adam crept up the stairs since he was late getting home. -- 6. The family waited to shoot fireworks until it was dark. -- 7. Although she was nervous about the game, she knew she would win. 8. I will fail my test unless I study for it. 9. As we stepped outside for recess, it started to rain. 10. She is very funny whereas he is boring.

Mrs. Nance


Grades: 4th Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

Part 1: Use one of the FANBOYS to create a compound sentence. Part 2: Identify the subordinating conjunction in each sentence.