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Elizabeth Lukes

6-3 II Surrealism in Art II Design Your Own Bedroom

Grades: 6th Grade
Subjects: Art

Student Instructions

What if your bedroom was..... What if your bedroom was underwater? What if your bedroom was in outer space? What if your bedroom was made of food? How can this be? We will be re-designing our bedrooms in a surrealistic way! Surrealism is defined as taking things that are real, but putting them in an unlikely, unrealistic way. For example: If your art teacher started to fly around the classroom. Your art teacher is real, the wings are real, but the idea of your art teacher flying around the classroom, would be very unrealistic! This concept, would be an example of surrealism! Watch the video below. Think about how you can re-design your bedroom in a surrealistic way. Choose a strong theme for your bedroom, and design your room based on that theme. 1. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVu9CfLwHlk 2. Decide on a theme. A football field, an ice skating rink, a land of candy! It's your choice. 3. Decide if you will have walls in your room. If your room is underwater, it might be better to skip walls. If your room is in a tank, it might be better to have walls. 4. Add details! If your room is a baseball field, you might want to sleep on a catcher's mitt! -You need a place to sleep. -You need a place to put your clothes. -Add extras, rugs, desk, electronics, closets, lofts, etc. 5. Stop here for today! Do NOT start coloring yet. We will have time to color next week. 6. Take a photo of your work for Seesaw. Have fun! May the arts be with you! Mrs. Lukes