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Teachers, save “2.4 Fluency (long o with bossy e and /dge/” to assign it to your class.

2.4 "I'll dig for bones," said Joe. "I hope to get a T-Rex." He dug. He hit a bump. "I hope it is a bone," said Joe. "I'll get back down and look." "It is just a stone," said Joe. "I'll dig some more." He dug. The stone did not budge. Joe got a rope. He put it on the stone. He gave the rope a tug. The stone did not budge. "This stone won't go," said Joe. "I can't get a T-Rex like this." Rose came and said," Did you get a T-Rex?" "No T-Rex!" said Joe. "I dug for a stone." There it is!

Jaci Wright

2.4 Fluency (long o with bossy e and /dge/

Grades: 1st Grade
Subjects: English Language Arts

Student Instructions

Practice reading our fluency passage.