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1. estimate (n.) 估計 2. per (prep.) 3. percentage (n.) 4. livestock (n.) 5. agriculture (n.) 6. gallon (n.) 7. pound (n.) 8. grain-fed (n.) 9. manure (n.) 10. methane (n.) 11. nitrogen (n.) 12. fertilizer (n.) 13. patty (n.) 14. tonne (n.) 15. consumption (n.) 16. compensate (v.) 17. matter (v.) Questions: 1. On average, how much more meat do Americans eat than people from other countries? 2. According to the author's estimate, how many hamburgers do Americans eat per year? 3. What percentage of the world's landmass is used by livestock and agriculture that feeds those animals? 4. How many gallons of water does it take to make a single pound of grain-fed beef? 5. How many cows are there in the United States of America? 6. How much are manure do cows create than humans? 7. How much more does methane affect climate change than CO2? 8. How much nitrogen fertilizer is needed to grow feed for cows in America? 9. How many different cows can end up in a single hamburger patty? 10. How many tonnes of greenhouse gases does hamburger consumption create in the United States every year? 11. How much more expensive should a hamburger be in order to compensate for costs to the environment and human health? 12. How many people live in China and why does the author think that this matters?


Student Instructions

Global Warming

We are going to talk about global warming. Before we start, please look up the definitions of the following words, which may facilitate your discussion afterward. You need to work as a group (5 students in each group) and finish the following tasks: 1. write down the Chinese meanings for each word; 2. pronounce every word in English and record it; 3. read the questions below and predict an answer for each question; 4. present your predictions in front of the class.

11th Grade, English Language Learners
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