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Katya Ganson

Hibernate πŸ’€ and Migrate πŸ¦†

Grades: PK-TK, 1st Grade, Kindergarten
Subjects: Multilingual Learners, Special Education, English Language Arts

Student Instructions

Let's learn about hibernating and migrating by listening to a fun song! 🎀 Key phrases from the song to remember: "stay asleep, don't need to eat" describes animals that *hibernate* in the winter. "Move for food when weather is rude" describes animals that *migrate*. 1) First, listen to the song about hibernating and migrating. ♬ 2) Complete follow-up activity on page 2. Click on move to drag each animal/insect into the appropriate category. 3) Click on mic and tell me which animals hibernate all winter long and which animals migrate. 4) Click on check when you finished!